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How to Share your Family Health History

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Nowadays families have so many ways to communicate: photos through text, videos on social media, chatting online, etc. But even with so much connectedness, families can forget to communicate about an important topic: their health histories.

Be a "Know-It-All" About Your Breast Cancer Risk

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Be a "Know-It-All" About Your Breast Cancer RiskBy Mary Freivogel, MS, CGC Messages about breast cancer screening are conflicting and confusing. Can I wait until age 50? Every year or every other year? Professional organizations have differing opinions, but many continue to recommend annual

Dear Jeanie: Half Sister Surprise

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Dear Jeanie, My mom comes from a big Italian family and she had lots of cousins around growing up, but she and my dad moved to Texas after they got married and over the years she has lost touch with many of them. Dad died suddenly a few years ago